Mazda Miata History

Do you remember when the first episode of FRIENDS aired? What about when we lost the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? How about the first time you saw a sleek and sporty Mazda Miata?

Patrick George from Jalopnik discusses how “the Miata really drives home what a labor of love the roadster is for the Mazda people, and what an emotional experience it is for the people who own them, race them, and swear by them”.

To celebrate the history Mazda Miata and its recent 25th anniversary, we encourage you to take a journey through the years and see what’s come and gone while the Miata has stood the test of time. What are some of your favorite memories from the past 25 years that stand out the most? We’ve highlighted 107 of the most memorable highlights of the past 25 years, let us know what some of your favorites are on Facebook and Twitter!

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Mazda Miata Timeline